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What does my daddy do all day?

Friday, June 12, 201505, by Century One


One of my favourite things about being a parent is being caught off guard in lovely ways when kids tell us how the world seems to them. I asked Tom, my six-year-old, about where he thought I was all day long and here is what I gleaned as going on inside his wonderful little head!

Daddy is an advertising account manager…                             

Daddy must be a magician – he makes pictures of things like food and cars appear in magazines and on the iPad. He also makes money appear in his jeans, which pays for sweets and nice trips to the beach and swimming pool to help my little sister Emma learn how to swim.

Daddy goes to work in St Albans…

“Daddy must work in a shop because he brings lots of fruit and food home each day. I think he is trying to be a pilot, because he keeps saying he is flying through the traffic.”

Daddy processes paperwork…                                       

“Daddy must be a really good climber, as he has mountains of paperwork. He also practices making paper airplanes and throwing them around the office because it helps with his pilot training.”

Daddy goes to lots of meetings…                                  

“Daddy must have lots of friends because he goes out to play with them all the time because he has been good and is allowed to go and play and have snacks.”

Daddy reads and sends emails…                  

“Daddy eats crisps! While daddy is at his desk he eats food from his drawer like crisps and sweets – I’ve seen him do it. Sometimes he brings some home with him. Yum yum, but baby Annabel is not allowed any.”

Kids see the world in an entirely different way to us, and as we all love a laugh, please feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

David Murray, Century One Publishing, advertising

  • Sarah Ryan

    Thanks for sharing this David – Tom is so sweet!



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