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Exploring options for upselling advertising in print

Thursday, September 25, 201418, by Century One

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“Everyone lives by selling something”

- Robert Louis Stevenson

We live in a world dominated by advertising in one form or another; it is important to understand how we can take selling a step further as sales professionals and marketers. One of the easiest ways to increase sales is to sell more to someone who is already buying. Think about it – how many times have you gone to Tesco’s for a loaf of bread and come out with so much more than that? How many times have you gone to McDonalds and been asked if you would like a large meal?

With this in mind, we will explore a few of our methods and options for advertising upsells in print magazines, which will drive sales up, help reach and exceed sales targets, and add value for customers.

  • Make it bigger!

Once an advertiser has already bought into your publication, the next sales challenge is to increase the advertisement size from that tiny classified space they called up for, to the big display ad they really want. This increase in physical space will allow advertisers to communicate more detail of their story or message. In turn this should increase response rates, and contribute to growing advertising revenue.

  • Start a conversation

A fact-finding exercise with an advertiser will develop an awareness of who they would like to target and what they would like to achieve. Once a discussion has opened up it is much easier to place their brand with the right audience. Perhaps you have a printed newsletter or magazine sent to a certain membership demographic? Do you sell books or journals to niche audiences? Could your merchandise be sponsored? A strong relationship is key between a client, publisher, advertising team, and advertiser.

  • Would you like fries with that?

Advertisers are constantly looking for new ways to keep the attention of their audience; the following chargeable extras might help them do just that.

- Offer bespoke bellybands and cover wraps to support their display advertisement. With this increased exposure to readers, advertisers can grab attention and make a powerful statement.

- Loose inserts are still a fantastic option for advertisers who need to feature a product range and order form in addition to their display advertisement which can be more brand orientated.

  • Advertorials

By upselling a display advertisement to an advertorial, the advertiser has the opportunity to use editorial styles and gain more authority with readers. Advertorials tend to provide knowledge on a particular topic, with a problem discussed and then solutions provided (at Century One Publishing we get full clearance with our clients first).

As the importance of upselling has increased in order to retain profits and offer advertisers true value for money, efforts need to begin within the sales department, continue through database management and extend through follow-up efforts to a positive conclusion.

These options above give some ideas for profitable upselling, and an open dialogue between client and agency will ensure new advertising options can be discussed and developed. Keep calm and carry on upselling!

David Murray, Century One Publishing, advertising



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