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Just a load of twits?

Thursday, April 2, 201553, by Century One


Of the sharing and spreading of everything from breaking news to LOL cats, how much benefit can we still derive from the content shared on Twitter? Among the masses of opinion makers vying for 20 seconds of our time several times a day, who are the people whose thoughts and RTs offer valuable (or at least entertaining) insight into the publishing world?

Poking around for the perfect listicle recommending the “the most influential tweeters of 20XX” is likely to deliver little more than a fickle mix of musicians, athletes and reality TV celebrities. Far be it from us to claim we have more authority than others to say we know the best people to follow, so below you’ll find a mélange of those within the world of publishing who have caught our attention over the last year. As Century One continues to explore the scope of digital content delivery, online publishing platforms and the frontiers of tomorrow’s publishing world, this is a hat tip to those we believe are worth 20 seconds of your time.

Just one person’s opinion
The editors of leading media invariably tend to be in the know first. And if they’re not, they’ll know someone who is. If you want to keep in touch with the views of those who not only make the news but also take a passionate personal interest in following it, look no further than @arusbridger and @SamCoatesTimes. As Editor in Chief and Deputy Political Editor respectively, at two of the country’s largest publishing institutions, these two always have an interesting word to share on what to look out for.

From a development perspective too, the guardian’s app development strategy makes Alan a key man to keep an eye on indeed. Between the strides GMG is making in digital development and the Times’ famously bold initial policy on paid content, the shape of digital publishing’s future is likely to be strongly led by what these two do next.

Tomorrow’s world

It’s not possible to look at the future of anything technology-based without peering inside the mind of the people that know the name of the next essential gadget before the general public realise they need it. David Rowan, Editor of Wired UK, tweeting at @iRowan, and Mike Butcher, Editor of Tech Crunch Europe, who tweets at @mikebutcher, are as much concerned with Amazon UAVs and Google’s unmanned car as they are with new digital publishing platforms. Nevertheless, publishing is the name of their game and that means they are as invested in staying ahead of the rest in content delivery as anything else. When they aren’t disseminating the latest tech disrupt symposium, look out for insights into pioneering UX content delivery systems and keep an eye on how they adapt to them.

Find out about the next iSomething that you’ll be reading your morning paper on from these guys, and then check in a month later to find out why you should buy an android alternative instead.

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