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“For the times they are a-changin’”

Friday, July 24, 201535, by Century One

These words may have been penned by Bob Dylan in 1963, but I don’t think they have ever rung more true in the advertising world than today. With technology trends changing on a weekly basis it can be hard to keep up, but focus your creativity and the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Bridging the gap between print and digital

One major development has been the ability to connect print advertising with an engaging digital experience in truly interactive way. Through the use of mobile apps you can bring an advertisement to life and create an engaging user experience and breath new life into the established print medium.

Nivea had an award-winning campaign that used GPS technology and a smartphone that parents could use to track their children at the beach. Their advertisement included a tear out GPS-enabled bracelet for children, which could then be linked with mum’s phone via an app. The parent was able to set a maximum distance the child could go from their location, if the child then went beyond this limit they would receive a notification to their phone.

Offline technology

You do not necessarily need the latest mobile tech to make your advertising campaigns interactive. One company who specialise in ecological projects, showed everyone how it’s done.  Israili energy company Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy developed a solar-powered advertisement that changed when it was held up to direct sunlight. In print it was a simple black and white sketch that blossomed into full colour to reveal the message. By encouraging interaction with the reader Shikun & Binui are engaging the user to become part of what they do, and to some extent give the reader a greater understanding of the product.

The great outdoors

Coupling social media and digital screen technology have enabled a different direction for old-fashioned outdoor advertising. From billboards to bus stops, there have been a number of campaigns that have caught my eye recently.

There is one campaign in particular that stood out, involving Gary Lineker, Twitter and a couple of interactive bus stop vending machines. As part of their Do Us A Flavour campaign in 2014, three London bus stops were transformed into vending machines, which were activated by members of the public tweeting to receive a free packet of crisps. Members of the public became an integral part of this successful promotion because it was fun, memorable and on posting clips to YouTube it achieved almost 900k views having been shared across the nation. This illustrates how key it is for your audience to become part of your story.

Jonny Knight, advertising



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