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The Christmas Speech

Friday, December 18, 201558, by Century One

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Christmas Jumper Day is here again and it is time to write some thoughts about this year and the new year ahead.

2015 has been a good year – both in the bedding-in of new clients and continued innovation. Membership organisations and societies have the ongoing objective and challenge to retain and recruit new members. Everything Century One Publishing does must be centred on these fundamental points.

The development of apps with a specific and real purpose for the BDA and the Geological Society this year has been encouraging progress in this area. We will continue to develop tools that can be added to the communications mix alongside the magazine.

Notably the printed magazine continues to be the focus for membership organisations to use as the anchor of their communications. What has been interesting this year is the decision of some clients to withdraw from the page-turning style of online magazines. This has got us thinking quite a bit on the innovation front again – watch this space to see how this conundrum develops.

On the home front at Century One we are more involved with local charity work and continue to develop our sustainable business practices. We are sponsoring a local man (and member of the Prospect union in his capacity as Research Director at a local sustainable construction company) to trek to the North Pole, raising funds for Cancer Research UK and two brilliant local charities Earthworks and Rennie Grove Hospice. Good luck Ed! Follow him on Twitter @Ed2NorthPole and if you can please donate a few quid via the website

We even made a video this year; have a look here. With the ongoing message from ourselves that one must communicate with one’s audience in the most relevant way and in our constant drive to innovate we will be looking at the power of the visual message more in the next 12 months. Again, watch this space.

Enough said now about innovation and all that. Best wishes to all our clients, suppliers and advertisers over the festive season and may the force be with you (whichever camp you fall into) in 2016.

Very best wishes,
Sarah Simpson
Managing Director



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“Century One provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ package for magazine publishers encompassing design, advertising sales, production and distribution. This not only simplifies management and administration; it provides access to a design team that is not only resourceful, efficient and always on time, but full of creative enthusiasm and flair. Readers were not unhappy with the magazine before, but as one wrote recently: “What’s happened to Geoscientist? Suddenly it’s terrific!”Dr Ted Nield NUJ FGS, Editor, Geoscientist
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