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10 stocking fillers for the advertising sales executive in your life

Thursday, December 18, 201444, by Century One

1_Item_useNumber 1: Stress ball
What better way to look after that special sales executive in your life by giving them the gift of calm? Whether it is a looming magazine deadline or the pressure of choosing the perfect Pret sandwich for lunch, a stress ball will help them manage the anxieties of each working day.

Number 2: Portable telephone
As anyone who works with an advertising sales executive will be aware, their telephone must be portable allowing them to walk around their work space, up and down other people’s work spaces, remembering to wear a path into the carpet as they go. Encourage your ad exec’s playful side and re-live the good old days when telephones were less smart, and came with wheels and a pull-along rope.

Number 3: Sales guidebook
Even the most charismatic sales people need to learn how to walk before they can run. To become a top sales executive it’s all about mastering the basics of effective communication and closing the sale. Christmas gifts come in all shapes and sizes and nothing beats a good book. Except maybe an iPad or a jet ski… Mum, are you reading this?

Number 4: Fancy calculator
He’s no Carol Vorderman, so your advertising salesman is going to need one of the finest calculators available on the market today. Despite only ever requiring a few basic functions, it makes him look super intelligent and will make a manly desk ornament, so choose a scientific one.

5_Item_useNumber 5: Motivational mug
Most people need a caffeine fix to kick-start the day and get the grey matter going. Whether she prefers coffee or nice cup of Yorkshire tea (other teas are available… just not as good), choose a mug that displays a motivational message and encourages them to give 100%.

Number 6: The Office box set
After a long week in the world of media sales, attending various meetings up and down the country and hitting those targets, nothing beats winding down in front of the TV with a good DVD. So who better to bring you the laughs than the original sales guru, David Brent. “He’s thrown a kettle over a pub what have you done with your life?”

Number 7: Flashy business card holder
We all know how important posh business cards can be to certain types of advertising executives. Embossed lettering, gold foil, thick textured card, a signature scent… granted the majority of business cards aren’t quite this fancy (one can only dream), so with that mind, get them a cardholder fit for a king.

Number 8: Newton’s Cradle
This stylish and oh so retro desk toy is the must-have accessory for the executive desk. They prove the ideal distraction to help pass the time when on hold to that person who doesn’t want to talk, or to impress fellow publishing colleagues passing by your desk (check out YouTube for ‘Newton’s Cradle tricks’).

Number 9: USB stick
For those all-important presentations and new business pitches, your advertising exec needs to get everything from A to B in an organised fashion. A trusty and robust USB stick will do the job, and with one like this, it doubles as a phone. Really it does. If you squint at it. Maybe.

Number 10: Personalised stationery
Post-it notes are so last year. So why not take the personal approach and gift them a bespoke design notebook to ensure nothing is missed in important meetings. Plus, in case that person forgets their name after the office Christmas party, the front of the notebook will remind them of who they were before the absinth made an appearance.

Jonny Knight, advertising



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