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Understanding through research

The proliferation of new publishing formats, including digital editions, page-turners, websites, microsites, apps, tablets and social media channels, has brought new challenges to businesses and organisations who essentially need to become publishers. The need to assess – and understand – what readers are thinking is essential to keep pace with both readers’ and members’ changing habits and expectations.

91% of Scope readers believe that the magazine is currently done very well, making it the highest
rated of all IPEM member communications
in a recent membership survey(Source: IPEM member survey 2013)

An essential tool

Regular research is an essential factor in aiding the development of a publishing and communications strategy. Well-conducted research is the critical element in decision-making and forward planning. It should, where appropriate, capture all reading, whether it is the printed product, online, or mobile.

Membership and Readership research will help to:

  • Understand changing membership habits and profiles
  • Identify development opportunities
  • Deliver membership excellence and help you to be a more member centric organisation
  • Deliver a relevant product in terms of content, design and delivery

We can co-ordinate both quantitative and qualitative research through surveys and focus groups, present reports and conclusions to your team, and help to shape your strategy going forward. Century One can then work with you to plan cost-effective solutions that will resonate with your readers and members.

To discuss your thoughts further please contact Sarah Simpson, Managing Director on 01727 893 894. Enable research to shape your membership and magazine communications strategy.

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