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Thursday, June 26, 201437, by Century One

“The two great things about Century One are that they’re flexible and proactive. They can cope with last-minute changes to schedules, artwork or other customer demands. And if a problem arises they don’t just moan about it, they turn it around to the customer’s advantage. What’s more, they’re enthusiastic and positive in everything they do – a pleasure to work with.”

Charlie Harvey, former Head of Media and Communications, Prospect



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“Century One provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ package for magazine publishers encompassing design, advertising sales, production and distribution. This not only simplifies management and administration; it provides access to a design team that is not only resourceful, efficient and always on time, but full of creative enthusiasm and flair. Readers were not unhappy with the magazine before, but as one wrote recently: “What’s happened to Geoscientist? Suddenly it’s terrific!”Dr Ted Nield NUJ FGS, Editor, Geoscientist
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