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PPA membership

Thursday, June 18, 201527, by Century One

We are pleased to have joined the Professional Publishers Association (PPA), which represents a range of consumer magazine publishers, business-to-business data and information providers, customer magazine publishers and smaller independent publishing companies like us.

“As a group they champion magazines and promote the industry’s position in the UK creative economy. We are particularly interested in their sustainability campaign and will be tapping into their guidelines and resources regularly,” said Sarah Simpson, Managing Director.

The PPA’s environmental campaign fits into Century One’s ongoing mission to be a sustainable and socially responsible business. Clients can also expect their magazines to be printed on environmentally accredited paper stocks, and we will be encouraging readers to recycle their membership magazine by featuring the logo inside your publications where appropriate.

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“Century One provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ package for magazine publishers encompassing design, advertising sales, production and distribution. This not only simplifies management and administration; it provides access to a design team that is not only resourceful, efficient and always on time, but full of creative enthusiasm and flair. Readers were not unhappy with the magazine before, but as one wrote recently: “What’s happened to Geoscientist? Suddenly it’s terrific!”Dr Ted Nield NUJ FGS, Editor, Geoscientist
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