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Below you will find examples and information about some of our current magazine projects. We pride ourselves on the work we produce at Century One Publishing and hope this shines through. With the publishing solutions we have at our disposal you can be assured that whether it be print and design, digital innovation or just an experienced advertising sales team at your disposal, you are in safe hands at Century One Publishing.

  • Rowing & Regatta 66PP - Six times per year - 26,600 copies printed

    Rowing & Regatta is the official magazine of British Rowing and is the UK’s leading rowing publication. With around 30,000 passionate and engaged members, British Rowing’s leading publication has an ABC consumer circulation of 21,659 in print plus over 8,000 digital subscribers.  The magazine covers highlights such as the Olympics, World Cup Series and World Rowing Championships.

  • Voice publication Voice 16pp – Bi-monthly – 210,000 copies printed

    Voice is the magazine of the Communication Workers Union. Following the brief that the publication become more cost efficient and less reliant of CWU administration, the design, production, advertising sales, pre-press, print and distribution of the publication are now expertly handled by our in-house team. We also produce the digital edition and publish to apps on Apple Newsstand and Google Play.

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  • Teacher publication The Teacher 52pp – Bi-monthly – 330,000 copies printed

    The Teacher is the membership magazine of the National Union of Teachers and the largest circulated professional educational title in England and Wales. It provides unrivalled access to information about the teaching profession. Century One successfully sells and manages advertising campaigns for big-name brands and charities, and we design and organise a vibrant classified section.

  • Arena 48pp – Quarterly – 420,000 copies printed

    Usdaw is a long-standing trades union client, and we have transformed their flagship title, Arena magazine, into an award-winning quarterly publication with a popular handbag sized format. We undertake the design and art editing and advertising sales, alongside overseeing print and mailing processes, and have successfully renegotiated print costs on behalf of the client.

  • Geoscientist publication Geoscientist 32pp – Monthly – 13,000 copies printed

    Highly regarded, and editorially independent, Geoscientist magazine is the official membership magazine of The Geological Society, the oldest geological society in the world. We reviewed the existing design and reworked the publication with a more communicative design that members love. We also streamlined the production process, and reduced print and mailing costs.

  • inSite,NFB, builders,magazine inSite 52pp - Three times per year - 2,100 copies printed

    inSite magazine is the flagship publication for the NFB and the premier line of communication to the membership. Circulated to 2,100 key decision makers 3 times a year, the magazine is lead by industry news at national and regional levels in addition to updates on NFB projects and campaigns. This magazine is a must-read resource for construction professionals across the spectrum.

  • Network 32pp – Bi-monthly – 11,000 copies printed

    Century One Publishing handles the advertising sales function for Usdaw’s highly regarded bimonthly activist magazine, Network. We have also responded to several briefs to keep the magazine up to date with refreshed design, presenting the Usdaw communications team with a robust and comprehensive set of templates and flexible style guides and style sheets to work from directly.

  • CWU publication CWU community magazines 16pp – Quarterly – Copies printed varies according to sector

    We design, art edit, print and distribute four key supplementary magazines to CWU’s flagship title Voice. We implemented a complimentary design whilst retaining each community sector’s own distinctiveness, reinforced with a strong colour identity. The CWU’s member communications are all widely regarded as an invaluable source of industry news and union activity.

  • Scope 52pp – Quarterly – 4,500 copies printed

    The Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM) wanted the design of Scope magazine to be revolutionised, whilst maintaining editorial integrity and enhancing the overall appearance. Century One transformed the design, handle the art editing and oversee print management. Readership research now shows Scope to be the highest rated of all IPEM’s communication products.

  • magazine, cover, Dietetics, BDA Dietetics Today 48pp – Monthly – 7,000 copies printed

    The British Dietetic Association (BDA) are a trade union and professional body, and are one of the oldest and most experienced dietetic organisations in the world. Century One Publishing redesigned the magazine, continue to art-edit each issue, working closely with the editor, manage print and mailing processes from paper weight to polywrap and undertake advertising sales for this client.

  • Geo Science publication QJEGH and PG 108-144pp – Quarterly – 9,000 copies printed between both titles

    Alongside Geoscientist magazine Century One Publishing also manage the advertising sales for the GSL’s Quarterly Journal of Engineering, Geology and Hydrology (QJEGH) and another quarterly publication called Petroleum Geoscience (PG). The journals are circulated to members and subscribers worldwide who work in the fields of geology, geophysics, engineering, petro-physics and geochemistry.

  • Organic Way 48pp – Twice yearly – 21,000 copies printed

    Garden Organic has been getting the nation growing organically for over 50 years, and the Organic Way magazine reaches a fantastic ABC1 demographic. We have increased the advertising revenue steadily with both existing advertisers, and identified new advertisers within this growing market. An informative read, it highlights the environmental issues members actively campaign for.

  • Profile publication Profile 32pp – Quarterly – 120,000 copies printed

    Prospect is the largest union in the UK to represent professional engineers and offers an opportunity to target a unique and niche group of people. The union put Profile magazine out to tender with the goal of increasing advertising revenue and strengthening recruitment as an added service to members. We have cultivated relationships with key advertisers and took the production of the classified page in-house.

  • Taxi publication Taxi 48pp – Fortnightly – 15,000 copies printed

    Taxi is the membership magazine for the Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association, and we seamlessly handle an integrated process that covers art editing, production, advertising sales and print. Our sales and studio teams work together to produce a market-leading publication that reflects readers’ needs and advertisers’ expectations, and advertising revenue has experienced significant growth.

  • New Pathways MS-UK magazine New Pathways 48pp – Bi-monthly – 5,500 copies printed

    MS-UK is a national charity dedicated to providing information, advice and support to anyone affected by MS; that includes families, carers, health professionals, friends and colleagues. New Pathways magazine is the only bi-monthly title of its kind and very well received by its subscribers. Century One undertake advertising sales, closely targeting specialist advertisers for this charity magazine.

  • Active publication Active! 36pp – Three times per year – 11,500 copies printed

    UNISON Active! magazine is circulated to UNISON activists in the Yorkshire and Humberside region, creating a hyper-local and engaging experience for readers. The magazine is news and current affairs-driven and Century One Publishing were delighted to work on this new title launch in partnership with a brilliant editor, ensuring support from affinity partnerships with key advertisers.

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