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Image rights – legal lingo decoded

Wednesday, March 4, 201556, by Century One

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All images are automatically protected from being copied or used without permission when they are made and the copyright belongs to the person who created the image.
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Creative commons
The creator of an image can give permission for it to be used under a creative commons license. The different types of license allow different uses, for example whether the image can be used for commercial purposes or can be modified. Image should always be credited and preferably linked to the original source if used on a website.
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Public domain
Copyright does not apply to an image if it has been placed in the public domain, if the creator has given it to the public domain, or copyright has expired as the creator has died and no one else owns the copyright.
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Pictures of people
Images of identifiable people can be a tricky area. Consent needs to be given by the person/people in the image, however the subject’s consent is usually not needed when the image is taken in a public place but this isn’t always the case and doesn’t necessarily include commercial use. Images from photo libraries might include a model release but creative commons images may not. If in doubt don’t use the image!

Note: This is a very rough overview and you should always check permissions for yourself before publishing any imagery found on the web.

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