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Mailing and fulfilment services

Our team has a wide range of expertise including database management, subscription marketing, newsstand sales, magazine circulation development and pre-audit management. We can fully manage all the warehousing, logistics, inserts, polythene ordering and printing, and final distribution for your titles. We have fantastic working relationships with UK printers and mailing houses, and can achieve competitive rates across a range of products and postage services due to our extended buying power and management expertise.

Voice Publication

If you laid all the magazines we printed last
year end-to-end they would stretch from our
St Albans office all the way to Cape Town!

Be sure to take a look at our design services and digital development solutions, and take the next step in future-proofing your organisation.

Digital distribution

We also distribute digitally by publishing magazines by email directly to reader’s inboxes, or publishing to magazine apps, enabling your readers to consume publications in a way that suits them. Our digital solutions also provide a low-cost way to gauge and extend your product to new readers and audiences.

Digital magazine distribution will allow you to extend your reach to those that do not currently read the publication and allow new readers to experience the rich environment of the print magazine enhanced by interactive features, with the aim of driving up membership and retaining members.

Let us know your needs and objectives and we will strive to find an exemplary solution that exceeds your expectations, yet fits the all-important budget.

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“In the many years that USDAW has been working with Century One Publishing we have won best trade union magazine award three times and come second once on the four occasions the competition rules allowed us to enter. Century One is an outstanding team and we look forward to further developing our communications in the future to keep USDAW at the cutting edge.”Mike Glover, Head of Media and Communications, USDAW

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