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Design and art editing

For many, magazines are the most visible form of communication that an organisation has. Each of our client magazines are individually tailored with a tone, style and content appropriate to their market. Well-designed magazines inspire readers to develop a strong relationship with the title, identifying it as a leading and respected authority in their field, further enhancing your product, your brand and your organisation’s status.

Unrivalled quality

Disciplined typography, outstanding photography and creative illustration build character and consistency to ensure information retention, loyalty and an engaged readership. We want for your magazine to be the leader in its field, and believe we have the vision and expertise to deliver unrivalled quality in this area.

Absolutely flawless

Our design studio and team of specialist magazine designers take your brief and transform your ideas and requirements into a stunningly designed and modern medium that communicates with your readership with true impact. Our designers strive to understand your target readers by analysing the demographics and market research, and creating a communication tool that has all the design functionality of leading business and consumer titles and presents your message in a clear and concise format, complimented by emotive imagery and flawless composition.

The pages we designed last year would
cover the face of Big Ben 3.5 times!

Print editing

Member of staff editing image in photoshop

Mock magazine prep

Page cutting

Increase engagement

Helping clients create and develop rewarding relationships with their members through engaging editorial content lies at the heart of our operation. We understand that magazines – usually the most tangible benefit to members – and websites have clear functions to perform, from strengthening or shifting perceptions and building membership loyalty, to generating response to advertising products and services.

Good magazines influence how others see your organisation. Whatever goals you may have, we work hard to ensure they’re met. Whether you need a more focused direction, a re-launch, a new editor, cost savings or stringent budget control, we can help.

We draw from a pool of top editors who are specialists in their field, and who have a bulging contacts book of highly acclaimed journalists and contributors in each of their own respective industries. Alternatively we can help refocus your editorial perspective, and work with your existing editors to identify improvements that enhance the reader experience. We also have a trusted and experienced team of sub editors, photographers, illustrators and proofreaders at your disposal.

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“Since working with Century One Publishing we have won best trade union magazine award twice and come second once on the three occasions the competition rules allowed us to enter. Century One is an outstanding team and we look forward to further developing our communications in the future to keep USDAW at the cutting edge.”Mike Glover, Head of Media and Communications, USDAW

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