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CASE STUDY: IPEM Scope magazine

Thursday, January 8, 201557, by Century One

IPEM Scope magazine covers

A bit about IPEM
Scope is the membership magazine for the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM). The magazine is published on a quarterly basis and is read by the top 4,000 physicists and engineers in the medical sector.

Scope is an invaluable resource for articles on cutting edge technology and procedure as well as information about the progression of the industry as a whole.

IPEM members are highly qualified, experienced people working together to share knowledge between the physical science, engineering and clinical professions for the advancement of science and technology in their fields.

The brief for Scope magazine
IPEM put their title Scope out to tender with the express aim that the design of their quarterly magazine needed to be revolutionised, whilst editorial integrity was maintained yet enhanced. The client also required advertising sales and print solutions to be efficiently and cost effectively handled.

Scope magazine spread design

Our strategy and solutions
We transformed the heavy journal style of Scope into an easy-to-digest magazine format, presenting the often complex, information and detailed tables and charts in a clear and accessible manner. We were careful to ensure the scientific content of the editorial retained its gravitas and authority and were able to enhance the reader experience to more easily navigate the complex subjects and different editorial sections. This in turn allowed us to steadily increase advertising revenue in this highly specialised field, working with advertisers like Phillips and Elekta Ltd.

We chose a good quality paper stock and added a matt laminated cover to create a quality look and feel, giving gravitas and longevity as IPEM members tend to hold onto their copies of Scope for future reference.

Ongoing development
We strive to work collaboratively with our clients to ensure our services are still meeting targets. We also refresh designs to ensure that our layouts never get stale or fall behind what your readers expect in terms of modern and engaging experiences. Which is why we undertook a design refresh once again in 2013. Our design team injected some colour onto the cover, updated the mastehead, and took a lighter touch to editorial pages allowing copy to breath a little more and increase readability. The combination of relevant, desirable editorial with strong design has been a successful recipe to engage IPEM members.

A recent survey, conducted by Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM), confirmed that Scope magazine is a leading light in the industry, and a valuable communications tool between the organisation and its members.

Over 1,000 members responded to the survey with 85% stating that they read Scope regularly – making it the highest-rated form of IPEM communication. Readers also consider Scope an important membership product (89%), and believe that the magazine is something that is currently done very well (91%).

What do IPEM think?

“Century One has been the publisher for IPEM’s member magazine Scope since I came into post at IPEM. During this time, I have found them to be highly efficient, creative and collaborative. They are very responsive to any queries, and accommodating about changes to schedules or personnel at our end. They make a point of meeting with us regularly to understand our needs and to discuss possible improvements. They always bring their own excellent ideas to improve on what we think is already a very attractive product, without pushing us too hard or too far. Design is a particular strength – they have an eye for the details that improve the look of the product even when we can’t see anything wrong. Best of all, our members are very satisfied with the end product; Scope is the highest rated of all our products.”
Rosemary Cook OBE, IPEM Chief Executive



more testimonials
“Century One provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ package for magazine publishers encompassing design, advertising sales, production and distribution. This not only simplifies management and administration; it provides access to a design team that is not only resourceful, efficient and always on time, but full of creative enthusiasm and flair. Readers were not unhappy with the magazine before, but as one wrote recently: “What’s happened to Geoscientist? Suddenly it’s terrific!”Dr Ted Nield NUJ FGS, Editor, Geoscientist
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