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A bit about Century One Publishing

Century One Publishing was founded in 2003 as a contract publisher to fulfil the publishing needs of membership organisations, trades unions and B2B titles.

We generate advertising revenues and manage all, or part of the publishing process including custom magazine design and magazine production. We are friendly and flexible and can work as an extension to your own team.

We launch new publications, and established publications come under our wing. For some clients, we take a magazine from start to finish – from devising the editorial strategy, to creating the initial design, editing, proofing and of course advertising sales, through to the final stages of production, print, mailing and distribution for both print magazines and digital magazines.




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"Design is a particular strength at Century One – they have an eye for the details that improve the look of the product even when we can’t see anything wrong. Best of all, in a recent survey, Scope was the highest rated of all our products." Rosemary Cook CBE, IPEM Chief Executive

An extension to your communications team

As a small and flexible, client focused publishing agency, Century One Publishing work with clients to create compelling, carefully designed and effective publications that truly communicate with the target readership. A well-produced magazine is a powerful marketing tool that creates excitement, generates interest, reinforces your brand and instills trust. It offers a unique opportunity to communicate the personality and integrity of an organisation, highlight member services and promote affinity schemes.

Century One, and our specialist team, has all the elements necessary for the partnership to work efficiently, and our culture is characterised by flexibility, professionalism, creativity and passion.

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An integrated approach

With the constant evolution of digital technology and the plethora of communication opportunities across social media, Century One has developed into providing fully integrated publishing solutions. We offer publishing that can deliver communication and advertising across multiple platforms consistently by integrating both the print and digital worlds, to secure community engagement and optimise revenue opportunities.

Coupling our design and print know-how with web and app design and readership research, will ensure you hit the mark with your members.

We are a full-service publishing agency employing editors, designers, digital innovators, marketeers and advertising people, all with unrivalled experience, in order to offer you the ultimate publishing service.



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